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Giving Back – Being Thankful

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BroadPR’s founder, Tracy Wemett, has long been a supporter of Many Hopes, and over the years she and the entire network of team members at BPR have been blessed to have many friends, clients, colleagues and others come along side in support of this very worthy organization.  The team is thankful and honored to be […]


Influencer Marketing: Starting Afresh

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Believe it. Influencer marketing is big. In some cases, it can be more powerful than social media advertising or developing online marketing campaigns. It is also evolving fast. While a few international names dominate the market, the spotlight is on local stars who can influence local consumers and communities. Getting a handle on this fast-growing […]


Small Biz PR: How to Hook the Media

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Time is an essential element for building media relationships. As a small business or a new startup, you may not have all the right relationships. Spending on big PR agencies, however, can also be prohibitive. Besides, getting them committed to your PR success can be difficult, as many suffer employee churn and tend to focus […]


6 Steps In Choosing An Influencer Agency

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PR Pros are becoming increasingly involved in influencer marketing. With social media and blogs becoming vital for branding and messaging, getting mentioned or being associated with the right blog/social media stars is essential. This used to be part of branding. Getting an important individual to promote, star in your ad, or become associated with your […]


So You Want Your Blog to Go Viral

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Blogging is both art and science. The art is about getting the right author with the right domain expertise. Many PR Pros often engage a writer to ensure that the company’s or client’s insights are delivered in an engaging manner and employ a series of monitoring tools and response processes to engage with the readers. […]