Influencer Marketing: Working with the Right One

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In this blog, I will offer some tips on how to choose the right influencer. A previous blog looked at how to choose an influencer agency, while below are some well-proven tips for working directly with an influencer. Step 1: Look to the middle Whom you hire will, of course, depends on your budget. But that does not mean you should splash out the entire budget on a single, famous personality. After all, he or she may represent other brands. If you have the time to groom and grow, try looking for influencers who are just reaching their stride. They may have gotten in late, or their followers may be more discerning. Either way, you will be working with someone who will not be concerned about his or her ego. And you get to control some risks by working more closely together. Step 2: Think global, go local Demographics matter, but so does geography. Getting […]

Influencer Marketing: Starting Afresh

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Believe it. Influencer marketing is big. In some cases, it can be more powerful than social media advertising or developing online marketing campaigns. It is also evolving fast. While a few international names dominate the market, the spotlight is on local stars who can influence local consumers and communities. Getting a handle on this fast-growing market and understanding how it can help your messaging effort is no easy feat. The best way PR Pros can begin is to let go of the misconception that influencer popularity equals success. It does not. You may get influencers who seem to garner a million likes, but you need to understand whether that endorsement helps your messaging and marketing effort. While successful influencers tend to be pricier, remember that they are reaping dividends by endorsing other brands as well. So be careful. Just see what Walt Disney has done with theirs here. The best way to begin is to […]

Six Phrases PR Pros Should Forget (Part 2 of 2)

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In our last blog, we highlighted three key phrases to avoid. Below are another three that we think warrant a relook or need to be relegated to the vocabulary trash. Off the record In journalism there is no such thing, but it is amazing how many times PR Pros seem to hide behind this phrase. Be very careful of what you say to a journalist. The reason is that if there is a lawsuit or challenge, the journalist’s records or notes are up for scrutiny. Yes, many key publications will resist from sharing their sources. But in the end, they have careers to protect. Some can fold; brave and reputable ones don’t. But if you are assuming that “off the record” will be enough to protect you, you are very wrong. [bctt tweet=”In #journalism there is no such thing” via=”no”] No comment This is a phrase that was popular in the  days when social media and […]

Six Phrases PR Pros Should Forget (Part 1 of 2)

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PR Pros know that their choice of words and phrases can make or break their careers. It is no longer about the right press releases and invites, either. In today’s social media world, the right response (or non-response) can help to put out flames and soothe nerves. It’s the reason why many have a list of phrases and words to use and not to use in messaging. Here are six to avoid: We are a global leader… What makes you a leader? You need to prove this. What if another company claims the same? You need to help the journalist to understand why you are a leader and what measure you used to justify this claim. Instead of trying to justify your leadership, why not let the figures do the talking. Give a fact sheet that highlights your leadership. When the journalist does his or her homework, your leadership position will stand out. Don’t have […]

Small Biz PR: How to Hook the Media

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Time is an essential element for building media relationships. As a small business or a new startup, you may not have all the right relationships. Spending on big PR agencies, however, can also be prohibitive. Besides, getting them committed to your PR success can be difficult, as many suffer employee churn and tend to focus their efforts on bigger-budget clients. You can use a PR freelancer or a small marketing PR agency. But if you do not have the resources for even this, do not despair. In the era of Internet and mobility, you can make a great start to PR-ing yourself. All it takes is a bit of learning and time. Here are a few tips to get yourself started in the right direction: Who’s who in the media Before you can target the right media, you need to know the people behind it. Understand their beats and preferences. Study their platforms. And be […]

6 Steps In Choosing An Influencer Agency

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PR Pros are becoming increasingly involved in influencer marketing. With social media and blogs becoming vital for branding and messaging, getting mentioned or being associated with the right blog/social media stars is essential. This used to be part of branding. Getting an important individual to promote, star in your ad, or become associated with your brand via charity organization was important. But these days, social media stars (which we call influencers) are becoming equally important. As they become bankable, a whole new industry is being born to manage and promote them. [bctt tweet=”PR Pros are becoming increasingly involved in #influencer #marketing” username=”@BroadPR”] As a PR Pro, there is a high chance that you will be asked to work with an influencer. And increasingly, many are turning to influencer marketing agencies to help them find the right individual. Contracts are getting more normalized and less ad hoc, while the list of influencers continues to grow fast. Here […]

So You Want Your Blog to Go Viral

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Blogging is both art and science. The art is about getting the right author with the right domain expertise. Many PR Pros often engage a writer to ensure that the company’s or client’s insights are delivered in an engaging manner and employ a series of monitoring tools and response processes to engage with the readers. That all makes for a great start. What companies want is for their blogs to become viral. It maximizes brand equity and increases readership (read: potential customers). The problem is that there is no magic formula for going viral. Many campaigns are usually devised after the content happens to go viral, not before. In fact, viral content is viral because nobody thought it could be. A perfect storm of moods, readership numbers and quirkiness often creates the right environment. The next best thing is to follow a viral campaign. Content needs relevancy and active ground research on what your potential […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging

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Blogging has become a big part of Public Relations. Whether directly or indirectly, blogs are vital for messaging, announcements, creating communities and improving brand or product awareness. Nearly every company website has a blog. If you don’t have one, you may be missing out on a significant messaging advantage. But simply having a blog is not enough. Today, in a blog-laden Internet, you need to stand out and be sensitive to your audience needs. In the past, blogs were meant to highlight key details about product announcements and highlight their benefits. Today, blog readers want more honest articles, demand personality in the written pieces and a keen understanding of their expectations. Get it wrong, and you lose them forever. Worse, they may even disparage you on a public site. Below are three blogging mistakes that every PR Pro needs to be aware of when helping their clients or companies to blog: Mistake 1 – Treating […]

Chinese Communications Tools: And There Were Five (Part 2)

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In the previous blog, I highlighted three platforms that are shaping communications in China. While all three filled the void when the Government blocked access to Western apps, they are vital for any PR pros working in China. Below are two that are slightly different. Like the previous three, the two began as Chinese alternatives. But today, they have evolved to become global leaders, making their Western counterparts monitor their evolution closely and even develop similar features. For PR Pros, whether you are doing PR in China or globally, these two platforms are becoming increasingly indispensable: Youku It’s YouTube for China, now owned by Alibaba. While YouTube provided a channel for amateurs, Youku is a professional platform for the maturing Chinese TV stations. Youku provides various channels that television stations use to create communities and loyal viewership. Mostly, they meld both TV and online video platforms in a way unseen in the West until recently. […]

Chinese Communications Tools: And There Were Five (Part 1)

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China is digital and mobile—in some areas more than the US. With no legacy IT or poor cabling infrastructure, many have no choice but to embrace mobile communications. It has shaped how PR Pros engage journalists and the potential audience in China. It also means that old strategies based on email and traditional cold calls may not be as effective. Digital platforms in China can be different. Yes, they all began as look-alikes because Western products (like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) were banned. But today, after nearly a decade of evolution, these homegrown products are defining the future of communication—and PR. Below are three that matter (and I will introduce another two in the next post): QQ Owned by Tencent (one of the big three Internet companies collectively called BAT; it is the “T” in the acronym), it is the equivalent of ICQ and WhatsApp. Its popularity started in gaming but soon became a choice […]