Company Bios

Tracy Wemett (pronounced “We Met”)
Co-Founder & President

Tracy has been in the forefront of the high tech industry for over 20 years. As the President and co-founder of BroadPR, she is the visionary leader that manages an enthusiastic team covering the public relations needs of enterprise, consumer, OEM and channels organizations. She has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, Bloomberg, CNET and TV.Com and has been quoted in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and diverse trade publications. She has been published in various magazines, including Wealth Magazine and Tracy spends time outside of work volunteering locally and abroad, and serves as the PR Chair on the Board of Directors for Many Hopes.

Raychel Moore
Co-Founder & Leadership Consultant

Raychel has over 20 years of business, leadership, communications, training, coaching, sales and marketing experience. She has built and lead multi-million dollar sales organizations and specializes in the health and wellness industry. Her background also includes financial analyst experience with two major financial institutions, building and heading up investor relations activities, as well as managing and executing on PR, marketing and communications programs for companies ranging from start-up to publicly traded. She’s a mom of two young children, a wife to another business entrepreneur and one of the original co-founders of BroadPR.

Christine B. Snyder
Account Manager

Christine has been writing and researching for numerous BroadPR clients since 2002. Her career has spanned various roles in corporate marketing communications, product marketing and channel program management for both start-up and multi-million dollar high-tech companies. Christine’s passion, backed by her strong work ethic and stringency for deadlines, is helping organizations to effectively communicate their message to grow their business. Her love of writing was born at her college newspaper at Bentley University where she holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. In her spare time, she has also written promotional materials for a small theatre organization, financial institution and local newspapers. She resides in southern New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters.

Lyndon Johnson
BroadPR Consultant
Founder of COMMS.BAR

Poacher turned gamekeeper… well, journalist turned PR anyway, Lyndon has been on the forefront of media and public relations for almost decades. A Broadcast Journalism graduate, Lyndon has worked in-house and agency side in both PR and marketing positions because ‘he wasn’t good enough to make a living out of radio’. Having turned his talents [?] to the PR world, Lyndon has worked with technology companies for the last ten years, covering hardware, software, fixed and mobile telecommunications and the digital TV industry, on both sides of the Atlantic. A highlight of Lyndon’s career was having a contract that paid him to watch sports TV – that was until he found out what kinds of sports he’d have to watch… [there is only so much college rodeo even he can take!] and taking a 7′ robot to some of his most prestigious sporting venues was most memorable!

Also, Lyndon claims to know a bit about social media [this could just mean he spends far too much time on Twitter!] which is why he has become our beloved “social broad”. Lyndon, we’re quite sure, brings a unique level of social communications expertise to BroadPR clientele. We can’t wait to retweet his tweets [whatever that means], read his blog posts and get excited about all things
s o c i a l.

A guitar playing [sic], British-accented, Canadian lover, Lyndon is certainly proof that a real man can be a Broad.

Winston Thomas
BroadPR Consultant
Founder of ChallengeManage

Winston never sits still! Always the busy broad, he uses his 15 years of Communications and Marketing experience to help clients communicate effectively. Using his editorial skills honed at publications such as PCWeek Asia, CIO Magazine and others, he helps clients to grab mindshare of their intended audience with the right marketing strategy and tactics. Well versed in IT communication tools/platforms, Winston constantly finds himself as a key player in international communication teams/initiatives. He loves to use both online and offline channels/media to reach target audiences. A great proponent of the positive effects of IT “consumerization”, he is constantly involved in various campaigns and initiatives to strengthen [and find] a company’s voice in an increasingly information-saturated market. He is well-versed in areas such as branding, marketing/communications strategy development and strategic PR (offline, relationship-based, community-driven, ambush, guerrilla, social media). When the opportunity knocks, he swaps to his former editorial hat to ink the right content, including press releases, white papers, technical papers, websites and by-lines.

Winston’s ideas and strategies have been used by Prudential, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong, Jardine Matheson, Otis Elevator, Crestron, Hilti and many others. He also helps media houses like Computerworld to develop conference frameworks that jolt jaded audiences with new excitement. Before he was a journalist and now a PR/communications specialist, Winston had a varied life. He’s traded pork bellies as a commodities broker, and he’s helped to ensure humane and hygienic practices as an abattoir manager. He currently resides in Hong Kong, loves playing the piano, runs half marathons (fulls are out of his reach now) and drinks a fair portion of wine. Cheers!