Deciphering Content Marketing Hype

For PR professionals, content marketing counts. Verbal diarrhea does not. Unfortunately, the difference between these two is getting murkier.

The problem is that many people are creating content just for the sake of creating content. There is now a huge deluge of verbiage that no reader really wants to sieve through.  As such, potential leads often end up leaving the websites, ignoring blogs, switching off from their social media feeds or simply pressing delete. There is no substitute for genuine talent and a solid investment in content marketing. For PR professionals, this is especially important as content marketing has become a big part of creating an image in today’s fast-paced, information-drenched market.

Here are 5 points to constantly keep in mind when developing your content:

  1. Good content ALWAYS stands out

You can’t get good content for cheap. Yes, you can get content, but there is a huge difference between the two. A content developer who has the knowledge, has done the right research, and absorbed the key points that move a certain industry, while remaining mindful on how the end reader will view the information is invaluable. [bctt tweet=”Good content ALWAYS stands out”]

In fact, a single piece of well-written, well-paid for content that reads differently while cutting through the BS actually helps to differentiate you from reams of rivals’ worthless content.

  1. Don’t WING it

The idea of content marketing is to drive engagement. When you wing it, it shows up like a sore thumb–especially to professionals and industry practitioners. Ensure that you engage experts when developing content (they do not need to write, but can highlight key trends, terms and trains of thought). This will help to seriously engage your target group. It’s the reason why today’s content aggregators are willing to pay teenagers, for example, to write to teenagers. It’s all about sharing the same lingo.

  1. Be UNIQUE

Content development should not stop with just developing content. You also need to understand how it is going to be promoted, utilized and consumed. Certain content may need to be rewritten for different channels or social media platforms. Others may need to trimmed or headlined differently. With so much content being created on a daily basis, you need to find a way to entice, stand out and retain precious content consumers.


Why? Because Google knows. You can regurgitate content, but Google’s search algorithm already employs experts who are on it. It will simply consider such content a duplicate post. So an original approach and copywriting stands out – and not just figuratively.


Now is not a good time to be at or just above the norm. Yes, the Internet is littered with companies that have taken a service or a product, and have made it profitable. The real movers and shakers are those who offer something unique. This is something to keep in mind when developing content. A clear differentiator makes you a thought leader, and as such you will be someone worthwhile of paying attention to.


In the end, content development needs to be well thought out and created. It requires a serious investment of time, talent and money.  A sound strategy is equally important and needs to be seamlessly integrated with the overall communications strategy to ensure it is not a monumental waste of time and effort. If you are looking to make content marketing a key part of your communications strategy, make sure you have a plan that lasts longer than a few days or weeks. Combining this plan with the five points listed above will give your content creation efforts the best chance to engage with as many people as possible.