Public Relations is More Than a Bunch of Press Releases

Public relations is actually about trying to get conversations going, and actually being able to elevate things that are going on in your organization. That may be external and may be internal.

Table Fries host, Jeanne Hopkins says, “One of the things that I really enjoy about BroadPR is it’s not just a bunch of press releases. It’s the relationships that you have, not only with the media and maybe analysis.” Jeanne has been working with her guest, Tracy Wemett, and BroadPR for 20 years. “A PR campaign,” Tracy says, “hinges on the relationship with the internal client advocate” – the person who can feed them the information they need and are proactively asking for. This is how a PR firm can take advantage of all opportunities that suddenly present themselves.

Listen to this episode and hear about what BroadPR is doing to take care of journalists, as well as how she builds time in her day to react to things.