3 Ways Content is Changing PR Forever

gold-1013623_1280Content is king. However, PR is increasingly becoming the kingmaker. The relationship content and PR have traditionally had is now blurred. One needs the other, and below are three ways content is changing the PR profession for the better.

  1. Thought leadership

It’s more than just writing a good bylined piece. Today’s PR pros work closely with content marketers to develop content that engages, educates and excites. Essentially, they need to build thought leaders and be seen as experts in their particular space. When done properly, getting corporate messages across becomes easier and more effective.

Becoming a thought leader isn’t cheap. It requires time and effort to strategize, map out a strong road map with leading spokespeople that can identify key audiences, establish alliances with influencers (to support thought leadership), and work closely with vital media to cultivate personalities. It’s akin to a political campaign. So it’s no surprise a lot of PR budgets are being increased or shifted to cultivate thought leadership.

  1. Amplify messaging

You may have Pulitzer worthy content, but getting it read is another matter. To succeed in building awareness these days, you need momentum. This means having an array of good content (not just one excellent piece) and messaging tactics. It is what we call content amplification, and it is fast becoming a required skill for today’s PR professional.

You will need to understand (or even segment) your target audience, and then find ways to distribute content that engages them more effectively. Media is no longer the only route (or even the preferred route these days). Social media and other channels (such as email signatures, sales materials and marketing collateral) are for more effective in delivering new content that reinforces your messaging.

Done correctly, this can help to generate and, more importantly, nurture leads into the marketing funnel.

  1. Counter negativity

Avoiding or disregarding haters has become riskier for businesses. PR pros need to learn how to positively engage with the haters. Their tool: content.

You need to have the right content management process in order to counter negativity. It is what PR pros are ultimately trained to do. Once you go past the malicious remarks or snipes to expose the real issues, you then have the opportunity to convert them. Besides, the ability to listen (and care) can help to grow your reputation with others who are watching on the sideline.

It’s an exciting time for PR pros. Their roles within their organizations (or their clients) are becoming more pronounced. But they can’t do it alone. Content, along with content-creators, are fast becoming powerful allies. In the near future, it will be no surprise to anyone when content marketing and PR become completely inseparable.[bctt tweet=”Content is king #publicrelations”]