3 Ways PR Can Jumpstart Your Business Aspirations

rocket-launch-67649_1280If you really look at it, every startup begins with PR. You may call it word of mouth. But in essence a good PR strategy is about getting people interested enough to consider your product or service—either to invest, report or buy.

Below are three proven ways where PR can help your business reach new heights of success.

  1. Create a News Page

Content is king. But it is also drowning your would-be customers. Besides, a single bad comment can damage or even block your road to success. It generally also lives on in the search index as long as it has high viewership and active.

Take back control with your own news page. It can protect your brand identity.

Don’t just highlight views of your own. Republish third party views as well and highlight upcoming trends. This will turn your news page into a news resource for customers and media personalities alike.

Actively highlight your news page via distribution channels. Done correctly, it can be used as an important SEO tool to improve page rankings of your viewpoints versus negative ones.

It is one of the reasons why big brands today have their own content bureaus—you should be thinking about one yourself as you build a business. [bctt tweet=”A good #PR strategy is about getting people interested RT if you agree” username=”BroadPR”]

  1. Honesty Sells

Every successful businessman knows that truth sells and dishonesty kills. If you do not have enough brand equity or awareness, a single review questioning your product or service claims can shutter your business.

Make honesty a part of your PR ethos, and make your story authentic. Add your personal experience and personality. Consumers today want to relate to a brand story, not just a brand—so, help them with more facts and truths.

When negativity hits your business—and be assured it will—honesty is your best defense. Don’t hide, but be plain.

The reason for this is that moving between brands may be simple today, but not so for consumers who have invested some emotional attachment to one. If you are honest, they may yet give you a second chance.

  1. Be Social

Social is here to stay, so make it part of your business.

Keep in mind that social media is a crowded space, and requires a bit of planning. Prepare your company to be able to review comments and answer to queries (both positive and negative). It is about engagement and building relationships. These will eventually help in selling and brand positioning.

Just ask Lululemon. They used simple but effective social media tactics to become a global brand.

How can you achieve the above three? You can employ a PR professional or a PR agency to do the above. But the best part of the above 3 tactics is that they can be done for free by yourself.