3 Ways PR Does Branding Well

clouds-648556_1280Branding used to be handled by a separate marketing agency. However, in today’s era of blogs, social media, connected mobile devices and ubiquitous Internet, PR has become part of branding.

Here are three reasons why you need PR for branding:

  1. Give your brand a face

Creative visuals are important for branding. So are the accompanying messages. However, these messages cannot be seen as separate from all communications efforts. Even internal communications are important for reinforcing branding, since a lot of corporate executives travel, and some of these materials are forwarded to either potential clients or partners.

Here, PR can help. As a natural conduit for communications and media relationships, PR professionals are masters of telling brand stories. Once you have the entire story on paper (or screen), you can then see how to fashion or package it across different communications channels and branding initiatives. This is more powerful then running a corporate branding campaign that has little connection with the PR messaging effort, as it will lack emotional appeal and consistency.

  1. Re-position your re-branding

Brands are living organisms. Over time, they evolve and change. In the past, this was done through a change in logo or tagline. But often these changes are attempts to widen the audience reach or target a new audience.  Existing fans will protest, creating branding concerns. And rivals will love to widen these chasms in perceptions by adding their own thoughts from the sideline.

Repositioning a brand through PR offers a softer approach. Highlight the why and how of the repositioning, as well as the key benefits. It can also prepare the audience for a brand change, softening the blow if the change is too drastic. As well, it offers an important two-way communication line with the audience that can be utilized to highlight the key reasons for the repositioning while reinforcing them with the right blend of initiatives.

  1. Protect your brand

It takes only a single, well-placed criticism to destroy years of reputation. With so many communication channels available today,  getting criticized is easy. As communicators, PR professionals can address criticisms quickly. Key trends in criticism can even be highlighted to the marketing team so they can understand how their brands are being attacked. [bctt tweet=”PR’s involvement in all marketing efforts ensures #branding success”]

Branding is essentially about giving your company a personality. PR professionals are custodians of those personality traits. Their intimate involvement in all marketing efforts can ensure branding success.

A good PR person will understand this, helping to focus on branding throughout the creation process. Your PR team will show how the branding message is perceived by the public, and then use that perception to steer your ship into waves of positive opinion.