Here’s Your Antidote to Content Burnout

despair-513529_1280Are you writing more content that you could have ever imagined? Let me tell you a secret. It will only get worse.

Consumers are not just asking for more content, but better, more relevant articles. Meanwhile, brands are using content to build awareness, influence and drive sales potential.

Suffering from a lack of content ideas is inevitable. Writers call it writer’s block. It’s when you feel like you are wringing your brain for content ideas to ooze out.

Sound familiar? Then, here are some insights to prevent a writer’s block:

Stop being unique all the time

Seriously, you don’t have to write unique content all the time. People are not reading a novel when they read your blog or insights. The way people read has changed. Many prefer snackable content that is eye catching and easily understood, and it can be content that you have produced before, as well as content from others. As long as you give the other content developers due credit, it should be fine. In the end, what you want the reader to gain is your viewpoint.

Pepper your words with visual content

People are getting very visual. Some read words, others prefer graphics, and still others love videos. Why not give them all, one after the other? It reinforces your point multiple times, while reaching out to different audiences at the same time.

Repeating can be favorable—but don’t nag

There is nothing wrong in repeating a single viewpoint across multiple content contributions. In some cases, it is desired. People usually read content in a hurry, and may not read your first post, but may catch up with the second. By the time they read the third content contribution, they may be able to quote it. However, don’t be a nag when you write. It puts readers off.

Do a content audit

Do you know what you have written for the last few months, or the last year? If you don’t, then you are writing blindly. It is ok for media journalists, who are following a certain beat. But for brands, it can seem skittish. Do an audit, see what you have written, and find out what ideas need to be revisited and what needs to be trashed.

Have a reusable content strategy

Nobody writes constantly. Very few do. And those are novelists. Even journalists need a break. So as a content writer or developer, you need to have a plan. The above mentioned content audit helps you to start your plan. Next, draw up a strategy that highlights which content can be reused so you can reinforce an important point and address one that your readers are really concerned about. Such a strategy will also allow you to look for materials on key topics ahead of time, instead of doing a mad rush during the short period before your content is due.

Align your content strategy with campaigns

People tend to read more about a certain topic when your company is driving a campaign. To do this more effectively, align your content strategy with your brand’s campaigns. This will allow you to develop content that reinforces sales efforts and maximizes new opportunities across the board.[bctt tweet=”Developing content is never going to be easy” username=”BroadPR”]

Developing content is never going to be easy. But it is here to stay. Instead of chasing after new ideas every single time, have a definite strategy that is aligned with your brand’s efforts. A little bit of forethought can actually make content development palatable.