Influencer Marketing: Working with the Right One

pink-2254970_1280In this blog, I will offer some tips on how to choose the right influencer. A previous blog looked at how to choose an influencer agency, while below are some well-proven tips for working directly with an influencer.

Step 1: Look to the middle

Whom you hire will, of course, depends on your budget. But that does not mean you should splash out the entire budget on a single, famous personality. After all, he or she may represent other brands.

If you have the time to groom and grow, try looking for influencers who are just reaching their stride. They may have gotten in late, or their followers may be more discerning. Either way, you will be working with someone who will not be concerned about his or her ego. And you get to control some risks by working more closely together.

Step 2: Think global, go local

Demographics matter, but so does geography. Getting an influencer in the U.S. to talk about global trends to a predominantly Chinese audience is not going to work no matter how relevant the information.

Our preference is to work with someone who has a good handle on global trends, but has a strong appreciation for their impact on the local market and can relate locally (preferably in their lingo). The same should also apply when reaching out to a certain industry. In this way, you can engage better.

Step 3: Partner, don’t dictate

Influencers are partners, not employees. Do not assume that they always have your best interest in mind. To ensure a mutual understanding, ink a partnership agreement. Be clear where you stand legally as well. Things can happen. Just ask Murphy. [bctt tweet=”#Influencers are partners, not employees” username=”@BroadPR”]

Step 4: Have a clear brief

This is an important but key reason why many influencer marketing initiatives fail. There needs to be a clear idea about what the influencer’s objectives are. An unclear brief will see the creative artist (the influencer) taking liberties that may not align with your expectations. A brief without numbers or KPIs will also mean you will not be able to measure their effectiveness.

Step 5: Look at the medium

You need to know on which medium(s) your influencer is most famous. Also, have an eye on upcoming platforms and find out whether your possible influencer is familiar with those. In fact, a good influencer may even advise you on how you can improve the effectiveness of your messaging across key media.

Step 6: Look for originality, stay away from the phony

Lastly, ensure that your influencer loves originality, and does not mimic or mirror other news (that could lead to risk of being associated with fake news). It is important as you are putting your brand on the line. A true artist will be able to work with you to reach out to your audience. A “wannabe” may be just saying the right things at the right time without thinking twice, just to get more likes. This goes back to the point in our previous blog: the best influencer for you may not be the one with the most ‘likes’.